No one was born to cave dive. Except maybe Liz Rogers. Virtually born and raised underground by her trail-blazing parents during Australia’s most productive cave-exploration years, Liz was never going to follow someone else’s bubble trail. For a cave-diver, finding an unexplored cave is like a climber finding an undiscovered mountain. It’s a chance to write your name in the history books. As Australia’s most awarded cave-dive photographer, Liz has found her own virgin caves to explore – in West Timor, Indonesia. Cave diving is dangerous, especially exploring unknown territory.

Producer / Writer: George Opadchy

Field director: Mic Simpson

Director of photography / Lead Camera: Curtis Redden

Second Camera: Blake Copland

Dive camera: Simon Christidis

Editor / Post Production: Curtis Redden

Executive Producer: Wolfgang Merkel & Niko (Red Bull Media House)

52 minute feature documentary and 24 minute series episode for Redbull Media House Explorers.